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Module 8


Exam information

Hope you have learnt a lot about Machine Learning throughout your time with us the past two months!

As you are aware, your final exam will happen in Week 11. All the best!

Here is some basic information about your exam:

  1. The exam will be held in person.
  2. You will answer all 3 out of 3 questions.
  3. The duration is 90 minutes.
  4. You will be writing out your answers by hand in a provided exam booklet.
  5. You may bring in at most one piece of A4 paper with your own notes (the department’s default).
  6. Casio fx-85GTX calculators will be provided. You are not allowed to bring your own calculators.
  7. See the department’s guide for exam candidates for information about exam logistics.
  8. Past year exams are available on the department’s exam page.
    • Papers from 2018/19 onwards follow our syllabus.
    • We have two editions of the course (Term 1 and Term 2) since 2019/20. Both share the same syllabus.
    • See C395 for 2018/19 and 2019/20
    • See C553 for 2019/20
    • See both the following from 2020/21 onwards:
      • Introduction to Machine Learning (Term1)
      • Introduction to Machine Learning (Term 2)
    • See Scientia (under Tutorial Sheets) for last term’s paper (Term 1 2022/23)
  9. Official model answers are not provided for past year exams (departmental policy). Instead, official examiner feedback is provided since Term 2 2019/20:
  10. The instructors will stop answering questions on EdStem 24 hours before the exam.